Friday, November 22, 2019

Plain Rice for Tradition Gujarati Thali. Very Tasty, Delicious with Dal and Khati mithi Kari.

         Rice is the main item of Gujarati Thali among the combination of all dishes. Of course, Rice and Lentil, which means Tuver Dal, make a pair and often called Dal-Chaval in Hindi and, in Gujarati, Dal-Bhat.

         Basmati mostly used for Biryani or Pulao. From other varieties of Rice generally used for Gujarati Thali, though some prefer to use Basmati for plain Rice, no problem!

          In Gujarat, popular Rice variety used for daily Rice the cuisine is the Chaapi kolam, Surati Kolam, Kumud, Masoory, and many others.

Recipe of Plain Rice for Tradition Gujarati Thali
Recipe of Plain Rice for Tradition Gujarati Thali



  • Rice as per need.
  • Salt as per taste.


The method is so simple.
  1. Wash the Rice two-Three times.
  2. Let Rice put in a bowl of water for half to one hour then remove the water.
  3. Put Rice in the pressure cooker and add sufficient water according to the quantity of Rice.
  4. Add salt as per taste. Some Gujarati family doesn't.
  5. Add Cream (Pure Ghee), which makes Rice smooth.
  6. Optionally can add a few drops of Lemon juice to make Rice more white.
  7. Two or three whistles are enough. 
  8. Rice is ready.

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