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Spinach Curry: A Creamy and Spicy Vegan Dish.

Spinach curry is a simple and delicious vegan dish that can be made with just a few ingredients. It is also known as palak curry or saag curry in India. Spinach curry is made by blending cooked spinach with coconut milk, onion, garlic, ginger, and spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, and garam masala. The spinach curry is then simmered until thick and creamy and served with rice, roti, or naan bread. Spinach curry is a great way to enjoy the health benefits of spinach, which is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A, and antioxidants. Get the recipe.

Mix Veg Spinach: A Colorful and Nutritious Stir-Fry

Mix veg spinach is a quick and easy stir-fry that can be made with any vegetables you have on hand. It is also known as palak sabzi or saag sabzi in India. Mix veg spinach is made by sautéing chopped spinach with onion, tomato, green chili, and spices such as mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, and salt. Then, you can add any cooked or raw vegetables you like, such as potato, carrot, cauliflower, green beans, peas, or corn. Mix veg spinach is a tasty and filling dish that can be served with rice, roti, or paratha. It is also a good source of fiber, protein, vitamin C, and potassium. Get the recipe.

Green Spinach Idli: A Soft and Savory Steamed Cake

Green spinach idli is a healthy and flavorful variation of the traditional South Indian steamed cake. It is also known as palak idli or saag idli in India. Green spinach idli is made by blending cooked spinach with idli batter, which is a fermented mixture of rice and lentils. The batter is then poured into greased molds and steamed until fluffy and cooked through. Green spinach idli can be served with coconut chutney, sambar, or any other sauce of your choice. Green spinach idli is a low-calorie and gluten-free snack that can be enjoyed for breakfast or any time of the day. It is also rich in protein, calcium, folate, and magnesium. Get the recipe.


Spinach Curry Recipe.


Ingredients for Spinach Curry:

  • Spinach - 300 grams.
  • Chickpea flour - 1 tbsp.
  • Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp.
  • Buttermilk - 4 cups,
  • Turmeric - 1 tsp.
  • Rye - 1/2 tsp.
  • Cumin - 1/2 tsp.
  • Fenugreek seeds - 5 tbsp.
  • Salt - as required.
For tempering-
  • Oil - one tbsp.
  • Chili powder - one tsp.
  • Cumin - 5 tbsp.
  • Rye - 5 tbsp.
  • Whole red chili - one.
  • Hing - pinch

Method of Spinach Curry:

  1. Add turmeric, red chili powder, asafoetida, and gram flour to the buttermilk and mix well.
  2. Heat oil and add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, whole red chilies and temper it.
  3. Then add coriander-chili paste and ginger-garlic paste and fry it.
  4. Then add spinach and cook for a while.
  5. Lower the flame and add the buttermilk mixture to it.
  6. When it comes to a boil, add salt.
  7. Heat oil in a separate pan, add cumin and mustard seeds, and temper it.
  8. Remove from the gas and add a pinch of asafoetida.
  9. Pour this mixture into the buttermilk and mix well.
Healthy Spinach curry is ready.


Mix Veg Spinach Recipe.


Ingredients for Mix Veg Spinach:

  • Chopped cauliflower - one cup.
  • Chopped carrot - one.
  • Chopped capsicum - one.
  • Chopped tomato - one.
  • Chopped onion - one.
  • Boiled potato - one.
  • Chopped spinach - 250 gram.
  • Cream(Ghee) - one tbsp.
  • Oil - one tbsp.
  • ginger-garlic paste - one tsp.
  • special veg spice (pav-bhaji masala) - 2 tsp.
  • chopped green onion - half cup.
  • Chopped coriander leaves - 5 cups.
  • Pea - half cup.
  • Salt - as per the taste.

Method of Mix Veg Spinach:

  1. Dip the spinach in hot water for about ten minutes, dip in cool or normal water for 3-4 minutes, then make a paste.
  2. Heat the cream(Ghee) and oil simultaneously, temper the chopped onions, add ginger-garlic paste, and fry.
  3. Add chopped capsicum, carrot, green onion, chopped boiled potato, peas, and coriander one by one, and cook for a while on high flame.
  4. After cooling for two minutes:
  5. Mash it with a big spoon.
  6. Add unique spice(pav bhaji masala).
  7. Cook on high flame for 5 to 6 minutes.
The mixed veg spinach dish is ready. Enjoy with the brown bread or paratha.


Green Spinach Idali Recipe.


Ingredients for Green Spinach Idly:

  • Semolina - 2 cups.
  • Yogurt - 3/2 cup.
  • It is boiled crushed spinach-one cup.
  • Salt
  • Baking soda-one tsp.
  • Oil - one tsp.
  • Rye-half a tsp.
  • Chickpeas - Half a teaspoon.
  • Half a teaspoon-half a tsp.
  • Curry leaves - 5-6 leaves.
  • A few cashew pieces.

Method of Green Spinach Idaly:

  1. Prepare thick pudding by adding yogurt and crushed spinach in semolina. Cover and set aside for ten minutes.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard, and temper.
  3. Add chickpeas and lentils and saute, add curry leaves, heat a little more, and pour in the batter.
  4. Add a little water if needed to make a medium-thick batter.
  5. Prepare idli by filling batter in idli maker and boil for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Enjoy with sauces and curry.


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