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These 5 homemade sauces must be included in your kitchen|| yah 5 chutney aap ke rasoigruh mei jarur honi chahiye||

[1] [1] Homemade Green Chilies Sauce. [2] Homemade Red Chilies Sauce. [3] Homemade Soy Sauce. [4] Homemade Tomato Chili Sauce. [5] Homemade Spicy Apple Sauce. Bonus Recipe Homemade Green Chilies Sauce|| Homemade Green Chilli Sauce. Perhaps most favorite and most used sauce in Indian cuisine is the Green chilies Sauce. The pungent cum sweet taste makes it a favorite to all - kids, women, and elders. Here is the recipe for the first of the five homemade sauces. Ingredients for Green chilies Sauce: Green Kashmiri chilies - 50 grams. Mild pungent type of chilies - 100 grams. High pungent type of chilies - 100 grams. (Note:  The ratio of chilies could change as per your choice.) Oil - 1 tbsp. Garlic - 15 buds or more as per choice.   Ginger - 2 small, grated.   Cumin powder - 1/2 teaspoon. Salt as per the taste. Some Water Sugar - 3 tbsp. Vinegar - 4 tbsp. Me

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