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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

besan paratha recipe.

    Normally potato parathas are eaten a lot but eating gram flour parathas will be very beneficial in this winter season. It is very tasty to eat. Whether it's breakfast in the morning or lunch, dinner, this gram flour paratha is good to eat all the time. Gram flour paratha is made by mixing green chillies, onions, celery, etc. Radish can also be mixed. It is also good for tiffin to take to office and school. Paavir's friends will like Besan parathas very well, so definitely try once. Here is the recipe of gram flour paratha for you.
besan ke parathe ki recipe.
besan ke parathe ki recipe.

Monday, November 23, 2020

crispy potato(alu) puri recipe.

  This crispy aalu puri is often made on special occasions like chhathpuja, and on other festival days. Also, best to welcome the guest with this khukuri aloo puri, which is so delicious that the guest will sure pleased.

    This time you definitely make crispy aalu puri. You can make crispy aalu puri for breakfast or dinner. You will love its flavor with vegetables, raita, curd, and pickle. Tastefully crispy crispy  aalu puris so tasty that many times people eat it without vegetable, raita. It is wonderful in taste. So let's know today how to make crispy crispy aalu puri.

Crispy alu puri recipe for guest
Crispy alu puri recipe for guest

Friday, November 20, 2020

Dum Aaloo Recipe.

      Dum Aloo is a popular cuisine to an Indian family and very easy to cook yet so delicious. Here is the recipe for Dum Aloo vegetable for you.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Fenugreek carrot green Casserole recipe.

Here is the recipe for Fenugreek carrot green Casserole recipe. It is a healthy dish for kids.
recipe of rice with fenugreek and carrot
recipe of rice with fenugreek and carrot.

Corn Casserole recipe.

Here is the recipe for casserole with corn for you.
Corn Pulao Recipe
Corn Pulao Recipe.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Bengali style casserole recipe.

      The casserole is called pulao in the Indian language.  It is a delicious cuisine of rice like the biryani. Nutritious raisins used in Bengali style casserole aka pulao. Here a recipe of a Bengali style casserole is given for you.
Recipe of Bengali style casserole aka pulao
Recipe of Bengali style casserole aka pulao.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Recipe of tricolor rice. तिरंगे चावल की रेसिपी।

     Here is the recipe for tricolor rice ( or can we say casserole?), each has been tempered with different ingredients to make the dish more delicious. The recipe might be a bit complicated but believe me, it is very tasty and would be liked by your family members. Just try. Thank you.

recipe for tricolor rice  or  casserole
recipe for tricolor rice  or  casserole.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

recipe of sauce of curd and garlic with dry red chilies.

Here is a very simple yet tasty recipe of curd garlic sauce with dry red chilies for you.
Red Chili garlic curd sauce
Red Chili garlic curd sauce.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

ragi and gourd (Lauki) paratha recipe. रागी और लौकी (Lauki) पराठा रेसिपी।

       Finger millet aka ragi aka Nachani is a type of cereal vastly used by tribal communities and in the southern states. It is a good source of iron and calcium. Many items can be made by Ragi flour viz bread, cookies, sweets, and more. It is a good item for tiffin for school going children and working man/women. Here the recipe of paratha of ragi and bottle gourd is given for you.
An image of the paratha made by lauki and ragi
An image of the paratha made by lauki and ragi.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Raw banana vegetable recipe. कच्चे केले की सब्जी बनाने की विधि

This dish of the raw banana is very nutritious as well as delicious. Must try. Good for kids. It's a very easy and quick recipe with few ingredients. A raw banana vegetable recipe for you is here.

Raw Banana-vegan-food-vegetarian-healthy-delicious
Raw Banana-vegan-food-vegetarian-healthy-delicious.

recipes of sauce of raw banana peels. कच्चे केले के छिलकों की चटनी की रेसिपी।

Whenever you cook the vegetables from raw banana, don't throw the banana peels away. You can make a tasty sauce from the banana peels. Raw banana peel also contains iron like the banana which is good for health. Here is a recipe for sauce from the raw banana peels for you.
Raw banana peels sauce with nigella temper
Raw banana peels sauce with nigella temper.