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Homemade Quick Easy Recipe For Pizza Bread||

Homemade Quick Easy Recipe For Pizza Bread. Discover the Perfect Homemade Pizza Bread Recipe: Quick, Easy, and Delicious! Here is the quick and easy recipe, which contains four types of flour and fibrous fenugreek, making a dish tasty and healthy. This item is known as Paratha (fenugreek paratha), but I renamed it pizza bread for its shape. I promise you will make it repeatedly once you taste it. Ingredients for quick homemade pizza bread: Millet flour - 1 Cup. Sorghum flour - 1 Cup. Rice flour - 1/4th Cup. Gram flour ( besan ) - 1/4th Cup. Fresh Yogurt - 1/2 Cup. Spring onion(diced) - 6. Turmeric - 1/4th tsp. Asafetida - 2 Pinch. Ginger(diced) - a small piece. Garlic(crushed) - 6 cloves. Green chili(diced) - 3. Fenugreek leaves (diced) - 1 small bunch. Salt - As per taste. Method of quick homemade pizza bread: Mix all four types of flour and diced fenugreek leaves in a bawl. Add all the spices and salt as listed above. Knead the soft dough b

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