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Recipe For Vege Momo Aka Dim Sum|| Tibetan cooking: A steamed dumpling filled with vegetables||

Recipe For Vege Momo Aka Dim Sum|| Tibetan cooking: A steamed dumpling filled with vegetables|| Tibetian Recipe For Vege Momo Aka Dim Sum. Momo or dim sum is a type of dumplings that is very popular in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and it is a favorite among the younger generation, is originally Nepali cuisine. Originally momos are from the Chinese and Korean regions, and also popular in Bhutan, Tibet, and the states on the north border of India. Momos aka dim sums are just one type of steamed filled dumplings. It is extremely popular and can be found in almost every hotel, restaurant, dhabas, street vendors. It can be a vegetarian or nonvegetarian but here the recipe of vegetarian momos has presented for you. Ingredients for the momos: for dough: 1½ cup all-purpose (maida) flour. salt as per the taste. water for kneading oil for greasing for stuffing: 2 tbsp chopped onion. 2 green chopped chilies. 1 cup grated carro

Energetic Tomato soup recipe for the winter season||

healthy__tomato_soup_recipe_for_winter. Here is the tasty tomato soup preparing method. Specially it's very nutritious for the kids and a better soup item for the morning breakfast!

Recipe of famous North Indian Kaladi Kulcha|| Jammu Kashmir's Famous Street Food||

"" Kulcha, also known as Naan, is a type of bread that is mostly eaten around North India. Kaladi or Kalari and Kulcha Combination is the tradition dish of Jammu Kashmir Region. Kulcha is very much liked in Muslim families. They are soft and tasty due to being made of mandarin and being yeast. Bharwa Naan alias Kulcha of Amritsar is very famous in Punjab. In Jammu and Kashmir region, especially in Udhampur district, Kulcha is eaten with kaladi cheese. Kulcha is eaten with a variety of soups or gravy and vegetarian - non-vegetarian Dishes. Actually it is a Mughlai item.Kaladi or Kalari is a type of cheeses made from raw milk. Buffalo or cow's milk is often used to make it, but it is also made from goat's milk in Jammu and Kashmir. It is very nutritious.Kaladi-Kulcha can be called the street food of Jammu and Kashmir extension. It is also easy to make. Very good variety for morning or evening breakfast.  Kaladi aka Kalari recipe: Raw kaladi a type of

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