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Alu-Chaval Cookies Ke Liye Ek Zatpat Recipe-Hindi|  आलू-चावल कुकीज़ के लिए एक झटपट रेसिपी|

Alu ki homemade cookie| आलू एक ऐसा रतालू है जिसे कई सब्जियों के साथ पकाया जाता है. इसे क्यूब या वेफर के रूप में स्वतंत्र रूप से तला जा सकता है।आलू वेफर्स का कारोबार बहुत बड़ा है।मैकडोनाल्ड जैसी कंपनियां अपने खाद्य पदार्थों में उच्च गुणवत्ता वाले आलू का उपयोग करती हैं और कई किसान आलू की खेती से अच्छी कमाई भी करते हैं।यहाँ आलू कुकीज़ के लिए एक त्वरित, आसान रेसिपी है जो बच्चों की पसंदीदा डिश होगी। यह प्रिजर्वेटिव-फ्री स्नैक बाजार से महंगे, रेडीमेड वेफर्स से बेहतर है।क्यों न आज सुबह अपनी रसोई में खाना बनाएं? English

Recipe For Potato-Rice Cookies| Home-made Cookie Recipe|

Home made potato cookies with rice powder. Potato is the yam which use possible to cook with many vegetables. It can be fried independently as a cube or wafer. The business of potato wafers is vast. Companies like #MacDonald use high-quality potatoes in their foods, and many farmers also earn well by potato farming. Here is a quick, easy recipe for potato cookies which would be the favorite dish for kids. This preservative-free snack is better than costly, ready made wafers from the market. Why not cook today morning in your kitchen? हिन्दी

Veg Recipe For Brinjal With Pickle Spices| Spicy brinjal curry |

Image from: Brinjal is called the king of vegetables because of its purple color and attractive shape. Another reason is that it is suitable to cook with almost all vegetables and meats. It is rich in potassium, sodium, protein, vitamins C and B6, magnesium, and much more. If prepared with pickle spices, Its dish is delicious. Eggplant with pickle spices is the better cuisine to have in winter. Here is its method.

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