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A Recipe For Popular Bengali Dessert Mishti Doi| लोकप्रिय बंगाली मिठाई मिष्टी दोई की रेसिपी|

mishti doi: Popular Bengali sweet made from yoghurt or curd, A Recipe For Popular Bengali Dessert Mishti Doi, लोकप्रिय बंगाली मिठाई मिष्टी दोई की रेसिपी| mishti doi: Popular Bengali sweet made from yoghurt or curd. Mishti Doi is Bengali sweet. Yogurt is called 'Doi' in the Bengali language, and the meaning of the word 'Mishti' is for the sweet taste; so the name of Bengali sweet is Mishti Doi - Sweet Yogurt. Here is the recipe for Bengali sweet Mishti Doi. हिंदी... Ingredients of Bengali Sweets Mishti Doi: One liter of milk with high fat. Cardamom - 4 (finely powdered). Creamy Yogurt (Curd made at home would be better, otherwise bought from outside can also be used, no problem!) Sugar 50 gms. (According to the original method, jaggery is used in Bengal, then caramel is not necessary. However, nowadays sugar is often used.) Caramel 50 grams. Recipe of Bengali Sweets Mishti Doi: First of all, heat the milk in a vessel until it comes to a

How To Prepare Sugar Solution At Home?

(1)This solution can be used with fruits juices and milk shake. (2)Various type of sharbats made from this homemade solution. Variety of syrup is available in the market. Pineapple, Orange, Falsa, Rose, Poppy, Strawberry. A solution made of sugar is used to make all these syrup. Here is the method of making sugar solution which will not deteriorate for a long time. You can make different types of syrup by adding different types of emulsion in water or milk. Here is described how to make syrup of rose, rose and orange. In the same way, you can also make syrup with the emulsion of Falsa, Strawberry, Pineapple.

Make better Rose Syrup at home than the Syrup found in the Market|| Method of making rose syrup with rose petals|| बाझार में मिलने वाले शरबत से भी अच्छा शरबत घर पर ही बनाये। गुलाब की पंखुरियों से गुलाब का शरबत बनाने की विधि।

Rose Petal Syrup for Summer. Many popular brand of syrup are available in the market, which are tasty but are also expensive and along with preservatives, so it is not good to use for prolonged time, especially for the health of children.Here we have described the method of making sherbet from rose petal which is completely organic and there is no mixing of chemicals. Hope you all may like it.

Nutritious and delicious vegetable recipe of bitter gourd during the rainy season||बरसात के मौसम की करेला की पोषक और स्वादिष्ट सब्जी की विधि।|

Nutritious and delicious vegetable recipe of bitter gourd during the rainy season. The winter season is also the season of vegetables. Brinjal, Gourd, Spinach, Groundnut, Papdi, Gujarat's famous 'Undhiya', Surat's famous 'Paunk', etc ... If we talk about the vegetables eaten in the rainy season, then this is a vegetable that we have in this season Enjoys eating a lot, and that is bitter gourd. Bitter gourd is healthy but slightly bitter in taste. Many people do not like it due to its bitter taste; However, this is a big mistake for them. Because the bitter taste is also a fun in itself. Doesn't everyone like Cadbury's chocolate? #Cadbury's chocolate is also bitter, but how tasty it is that all the elves like it. If cooked correctly, there is no answer to the bitter gourd vegetables. Once eaten, there will be a desire to eat again and again. Those who like it eat it with great fervor. Those with diabetes (diabetes) also consume this vegetable and dr

Energetic Syrup Recipe for Summer and Ramadan

       M ilk Syrup recipe for Energy and ramadan in Summer. A family syrup for summer season which is also great for Iftari in Ramadan. Nutritious low calorie drink for children too.      It is a great family drink for the summer made of milk and dry fruits. This syrup is very nutritious and satisfying for kids. Muslim communities also drink this syrup in Iftari during the exile of Ramadan so that the power of the body remains. It is very tasty and easy to make. Make it once and drink it. M ilk Syrup recipe for Energy and ramadan in Summer. Click here for the list of : CATEGORIES

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