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Spicy Gravy Brinjal Veg With Potato|| आलू के साथ मसालेदार ग्रेवी बैंगन की सब्जी ||

Spicy-Gravy-Brinjal-Veg-With-Potato-Recipe. Brinjal is such a vegetable that it immediately grabs our attention due to its shape and color. You can make vegetable of it with gravy, or make slices and fry it with spices, and grind it to make the gravy. It's a popular vegetable in an Indian family. Its English name is brinjal or eggplant. Many species of brinjals are grown, known by different names like brinjal, eggplant, or aubergine; in India, it is usually called brinjal.

Veg Spinach With Lotus Stalk recipe||

Veg-Spinach_Recipe -With-Lotus-Stalk. Mostly lotus flowers grow in village ponds. After sorting its leaves, the part which remains in the core is called lotus cucumber. Lotus cucumber vegetable is used to make in the Indian families, but here I am going to tell the method of lotus stalk vegetable. Its dishes are tasty, and its vegetables are very nutritious.


Potato-Almond-Tikki-Quick-Recipe|| Here is an easy and quick recipe for Alu, aka, Potato Tikki with crushed almonds for breakfast.

Onion Dal Pakora Recipes | Daal aur Pyaz ke Pakoda ki Vidhi |

Recipe for Homemade Pakoras with Lentile and Onion. Onion DalPakora: An Indian savory item, can be prepared with chickpea lentils, and red lentils. It is a good source of protein, and also delicious that it would be a favorite item for the kids. Try it in your kitchen. Ingredients for Onion Dal Pakora: Chickpea Lentil - 2 cups. Red Lentil - 1 cup. Onions - (chopped). Spinach Leaves - 1 cup(chopped). Coriander Leaves - 1 cup(chopped). Green Chillies - 2(chopped). Salt -  as per taste. Readymade Spice Powder at home... Method of Onion Dal Pakora: First, dip all the lentils for at least two hours after washing with two or three times with water. Then strain the water out, and grind without adding water. Take it out into the bowl and churn until it turns into a smooth paste of bright yellow color. Add onions, spinach leaves, coriander leaves, green chilies, pakora spice powder, and salt, and mix well. First, heat the oil in a frying pan

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